Expertise and skill

Complete line design

We provide engineering support to determine the line layout and take care of all the phases involved in machinery installation. The projects are documented and stored in our IT systems, making it possible to retrieve all the required information in the future.

We act as an interface between purchaser and subcontractors, to ensure smooth operations and a proper flow of information among the players involved.

Our expertise in all the specific aspects of the process allows us to support our customers in choosing the machinery to be used in a forging line, thereby satisfying their requirements.

As the number of rebuilt machines has rapidly increased over the past few years, we have grown into a solid partner for many forging companies across Europe. Our services range from the supply of spare parts to the rebuilding and installation of complete forging lines.

In addition to all these activities, we also have high-precision laser measurement instruments available. These can be used at the customer’s facilities, which translates into early diagnosis of the jobs to be performed, so that the machine can be restored to full functionality.

Overhauling and rebuilding


We can certify and draw up technical documents for all types of mechanical presses. When the press is rebuilt, we add the drawings and information that are needed to make sure that each aspect complies with current regulations. The entire machine is overhauled through a system of checklists that cover all the aspects of the systems and parts.

Under certain circumstances, when the parts cannot be transported because of their large size or expensive disassembly operations, we can work on the spot – that is, at the customer’s facilities. This is a value-added service supplied within larger projects. Our technical department is always ready to develop special instruments to carry out such operations.

On-the-spot working