We develop and implement
comprehensive solutions

We develop and implement comprehensive forging solutions, ranging from mechanical and automatic die holders to trimming and coining systems ensuring manufacturing process control, ideal for automated lines. We rely on our systems to achieve efficiency for the line and safety for the operators respectively.

Die Holders

Based on the experience acquired over the years and communication with our customers, we can develop the equipment that best answers our customers’ requirements, without affecting their habits, while providing a constructive approach aimed at improving efficiency.


Equipment and devices

Increasingly automated and specialized production lines have allowed equipment and auxiliary devices to supplement our die holding systems. Sometimes this equipment borrows the concepts of quick replacement as typical of die holders; some other times it results in extended safety and ease of use; this is the case, for example, with handling systems.


Spare Parts

Based on several years of close cooperation with the users of hot-forging machines, we have managed to acquire expertise as well as the ability to create spare parts from limited information, sometimes redesigning parts of machines, in order to improve them or allow them to operate in line with current requirements.