At the beginning of the 60s, our production consisted almost exclusively of hammers for open forging and die-forging, together with the overhauling and repairing of machinery of other manufacturers.

Due to the qualities of robustness, reliability and performance of our machinery built during that period, many of these are still in use. Currently, in the field of hammer manufacturing, our company builds fast, short-stroke automatic hammers for precision die-stamping and forging. 

Sensitive to the advent of new technologies dedicated to die-stamping and forging as well as being careful to the new demands of customers, our company, from the early 70s, started building bolsters. Since the very beginning, we have addressed special focus on the ease of use, reliability and, above all, on the speed of changing the dies. For this reason, since the mid-1980s, we had adopted a quick-change system with hydraulic clamping and adjusting the position of the dies.

The design is created by means of the most sophisticated CAD systems and the continuous technological updating makes our products the standard reference for the industry.

Another important field of our activity is the repair and overhaul of hot-pressing machinery, especially, the overhaul of hammers and presses. Finally, in collaboration with our partners, we can create complete, automated lines for the hot-pressing of steel.