Concepts such as efficiency, reliability and ease of use lie at the basis of our manufacturing philosophy.

Thanks to the experience gained over the years and the communication with the customer, we are able to design equipment that best meets the customer's requirements without seriously changing their habits, but providing a constructive approach aimed to improve efficiency.

For this reason, since the early years, we have recommended and spread the use of insert holders, whenever this was technically feasible and compatible with the needs of the customer.

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 We were the first in Italy to apply devices for the mismatch correction, just as we were the first to introduce hydraulic clamping of the dies and quick die change. These devices have been continuously improved over time, through the support of new technologies in design and construction. As a result of this process of continuous development, nowadays, the time required to change the dies is measured in minutes rather than hours.


Although most of our equipment is developed to meet the needs of customer who performs generic forging work, and is therefore searching for maximum flexibility, we have developed a great number of equipment for specific processes that provide for the possibility of moving or composite the dies during production.

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 With more than 700 bolster manufactured, we are the largest Italian and European.

We have built bolsters for 400t to 8000t presses and designed bolster for 12,500 ton presses.Our production over the years has been exported to various countries including the U.S.A., Argentina, Brazil, Venezuela, Mexico, Spain, the U.K., Germany, Poland, Iran, India and Korea.

In addition to national manufactured presses, we have built bolsters for almost all manufacturers of presses; just to mention the most famous: Ajax, Eumuco, Hasenclever, National, Smeral, Voronezh, Kramatorsk, Massey, etc.