Equipment and devices

Weight monitoring and analysis

We design and manufacture accurate systems for determining and examining loading conditions in the press. Our systems are carefully studied to adapt to the features of each machine and are calibrated with certified instruments developed in-house, to provide unparalleled accuracy.

The data can be recorded together with other manufacturing and operating parameters and shared with other information systems. A convenient web interface allows the data to be downloaded and provides useful information about the forging process.

Trimming equipment

Due to both the natural evolution of forging technology and market challenges, we are rethinking traditional trimming equipment, to exceed all limits and make them suit modern, automated lines. These new, hydraulically operated devices carry out several processes – boring, flash removal, coining or marking – in one pressing cycle. Based on the accurately designed, purpose-built hydraulic and electronic equipment, these functions can be quickly reconfigured to perform any required operations during forging.

This equipment, applied to standard trimming presses, can be provided with quick change systems, thereby ensuring minimized line setup times. Optionally, it can be fitted with automatic flash removal systems and a workpiece unloading system, which eliminates the need for expensive robots and helps speed up cycle times.

Die handling systems

The growing demand for efficiency and safety and the manufacturing of bigger-sized equipment has urged us to develop a range of solutions supporting die change. These range from equipment changing arms with a capacity of up to 5,000 kg to fully automated rail systems for handling cassettes weighing up to 20,000 kg.

On request, die pack separation systems are also available. The supports have been so designed as to allow for maximum integration, which translates into outstanding ease of use.

Auxiliary devices

Over the years we have developed auxiliary equipment including. Auxiliary equipment has been developed over the years, including die shrinking-on systems and their removal, high-pressure hydraulic systems for removing slag from billets, parts of machines for implementing new specific features in the press or as a support for overhauling machinery.